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Senson and Lia In Motion Girls
Each 12" doll is made of durable, lightweight vinyl with 21 points of articulation including double jointing at the knees and elbows.  This doll is not a strung BJD but rather a mechanically multi-jointed doll.  You won't believe the poseability!! Wigged (not rooted) hair and inset eyes. Artfully designed by Ruby Ho.  Senson dolls are hard vinyl.  Lia dolls are vinyl and hard plastic.
Clothes for In Motion and other 12 " dolls, click here.
Senson ~ In Motion
Starry Red

Starry Red Collection

Aifie only
LE 50  $180 each (and receive a $50 DDE gift card)



Trench Coat Set
Lia ~ In Motion
Miss Teenage Beauty Queen

Miss Beauty Queen
LE 50   $207
(and receive a $50 DDE gift card)


Funky Sixties

Funky Sixties
LE 50   $207
(and receive a $50 DDE gift card)

Sold Out

Original Collection ~ Senson In Motion

Lori LE 300
$180 (and receive a $50 DDE gift card)
Long sleeved white brocade blouse with billowy sleeves, black brocade jumpsuit with wide legs, black basketweave lace up pumps.


Instructions for changing the wig and eyes for the In Motion dolls.
The Gallery

  Photo by Michele Hardy
Twinkle Star Collection
Twinkle Star Collection

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