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PO11 & PO13

When you "check out" you will be given 4 payment options:
1.  Full payment now.
2. 20% deposit now, the balance when the item(s) are ready to ship.
3. A 3 payment layaway (The total divided into 3 equal payments. Payment is due every 30 days).
4.  A 4 payment layaway (The total divided into 4 equal payments. Payment is due every 30 days).
In Stock unless noted.
Ed Basic

In Stock: Basic Ed , no face up. 
Ed Basic Edition $270
Includes:  Doll, random color acrylic eyes, normal skin
Options:  Make up $40
Gift:  14mm Iris random color eyes

Make up:

Sold Out from Pipos
HARA Basic Edition $320
Size : PO13
Includes: Head & Body, pair of hand/foot parts, 16mm glass eyes (randomed color), doll box, cushion, certificate card.
Skin color: Normal
Face up:  $45

Sold Out from Pipos
Height : 43.5cm
Girth of head : 19cm
Width of shoulers : 7.5cm
Length of arm : 12cm
Girth of neck : 7cm
Girth of chest : 17.5cm
Girth of waist : 13cm
Length of back : 8cm
Girth of hip : 19.2cm
Girth of ankle : 5.5cm
Length of waist to knee : 14.5cm
Length of knee to ankle : 10.5cm
Foot size : 5.3cm



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