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FantaWoods 10
Monthly Basic Fairy 10cm $130
Nude, no paint, no eyes, basic head cap
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[Size Info] 
Height : 10cm
Eye size : 8mm
Circumference of head : 3.8" (Wig 3/4) 
Width of shoulders : 2.2cm
Length of arm (without hand) : 3cm
Length of leg (without foot) : 3.5cm
Circumference of chest : 4.5cm
Circumference of waist : 5.7cm
Circumference of hips : 6cm
Length of foot : 1.4cm

Monthly Fairies $130
New Monthly Fairies
Monthly Fairies Head Caps
Sun, Moon, Star, Cloud, Wind, Rain, Wood, Thunder, Fire, Snow + $20
Flower, Rainbow + $25
Monthly Fairies Head Caps
Monthly Fairies Hands $10

New Monthly Fairy $130

Fairy, 8mm acrylic Eyes (Random), box, certificate of authenticity  

Make Up $20

Head Cap $20-25, Head Cap Paint  $5
Hands $10 (Rock, Scissors, Victory)

Discontinued from Peak's Woods



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