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My patterns are for home use only. If you are an INDIVIDUAL seller and want to use my patterns for making items to sell, contact me. I have strong feelings about being an encouragement for women who sew for a living. If you are a designer and make a design that is manufactured or made by a group collaborate or if you are a manufacturer, you do not qualify. I only support individuals who make everything themselves....you will find that I love seeing you prosper. Mom and I work looooong hours to create and make these patterns and I appreciate all of you that have contacted me. I also appreciate your support and encouragement.
Fun With Hats

Fun With Hats" Pattern (Pirates and More) $10.99 $5.00

"Fun With Hats" is a pattern that I have made for various dolls for several years. It is made for use with wool felt or other non woven materials and for adding artistic creative embellishments. It is a fun pattern for beginners and experts alike! Contains directions and illustrations for a PIRATE, TOP HAT, GARDEN HAT, and SUMMER HAT in a complete range of pattern sizes listed below:  Lati White, Lati Yellow, RealPuki, PukiPuki, PukiFee, LittleFee/YoSD, Lati Green, MSD, SD and....Similar Size Dolls


Crazy Cute Wigs

Crazy Cute Wigs for MSD, SD $8.99 $5.00

Contains pattern pieces to fit sizes 7/8, 8/9, 9/10. This is my pattern that I use to make wigs for MSD, SD, etc.
I use faux fur but it can be used with other materials such as mohair. The sewing instructions are complete and easy to follow. This pattern does not require advanced sewing skills, it's great for a beginner!!

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