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BonBon Harmony
Includes: Full Doll - Head+Body (fully assembled)
14mm Acrylic Eyes(random color)
Sculpey for eye attachment, 1 Head Cover
Default Box,
Certificate of Authentication
: Bon Bon Harmony
Compatible Body : Bon Bon Harmony, Muse Harmony
Wig Size 6/7


Bonny $165
Bonny, Honey, Looney

Skin: Normal or White
Face Up: $51
Body Blush: $10 (Hands Only) or $55 (Full Body)
Outfit: Rabbit $45, Fox $45, Larva $39

In Stock: Loony, normal skin, face up, fox outfit $261. Bonny, normal skin, face up, fox outfit $261. Honey, normal skin, face up, rabbit outfit $261. Bonny, normal skin, no face up $165.

Skin Color:
Face Up:
Body Blush:


Total height : 17cm
Body height : 11.5cm
Head circumference : 17cm
Neck circumference : 4.2cm
Shoulder circumference : 4.2cm
Chest circumference : 8.2cm
Arm length : 5.4cm
Hand length : 1.7cm
Waist circumference : 8.5cm
Hips circumference : 9.3cm
Thigh circumference : 5cm
Leg length : 6.4

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