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Kish & Company
Beautiful dolls from one of our favorite artists, Helen Kish.

Kish... New for 2016 
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Mulberry Plaid Zoe

Mulberry Plaid Zoe $450
LE 75 Option:  Custom Paint by Helen Kish $75 (eye color choice:  gray blue, green, honey brown, dark brown, teal)
11" resin BJD (14 points of articulation)
Complete as shown
(default lavender painted eyes)

Custom Paint:
Silver Lace Paige

Silver Lace Paige $450
LE 75 Option:  Custom Paint by Helen Kish $75 (eye color choice:  gray blue, green, honey brown, dark brown, teal)
11" resin BJD (14 points of articulation)
Complete as shown (default blue painted eyes)

Custom Paint:
Kish... New for 2014 
Paige is a new sculpt painted with ice blue eyes and a wavy black mohair wig. She is dressed in Steampunk fashion with a short, puffed sleeved blouse and an assymetrical below the knee, black cotton skirt with slip. Topped with a mossy beige, wool felt corset, embroidered and trimmed in black and tied with a coppery ribbon. A jaunty black wool felt top hat with and hi top brown boots are the finishing touches.
In Stock! Paige & Zoe $425 each
11" resin BJD with fourteen points of articulation.
LE 75

Zoe has big blue painted eyes, and a long, pale blonde mohair wig. She wears a wheat colored, cotton crocheted beret with silk ribbon ties. True to the shabby chic oeuvre, Zoe wears layers of whites and off whites.  Her cotton dress is under a mossy beige wool felt vest, embroidered in white. Underneath it all are leggings and ivory slippers tied with big, ivory illusion bows.
Olivia Tristesse Olivia "Tristesse" $390 $370
12" vinyl BJD with 13 points of articulation.  Brown eyes, light brown mohair wig, with wispy bangs.  Her simple cotton frock has an unusually shaped bodice made of cream colored cotton and embellished with pink silk ribbons and a cottage rose with French knot stamens, stolen from the pink and green floral print of her gathered skirt to grace the neckline. A slip of multi layered pink tulle ensures that the skirt stands out prettily. Green/white striped knee stockings, pretty pink boots complete the look.

In Stock:  Olivia with factory painting $370

Riley City Chic

Riley "City Chic" & Toots $280  $265
8" Riley returns as a redhead with long braids and wispy bangs. She is styling in a sleeveless cotton and tulle dress, with a bodice of dotted black tulle covered cotton, embellished with copper colored French knots and matching tulle ruffles at the shoulder. The skirt is gathered in layer after layer of black and cream tulle and is tied at the waist with a band of black silk tied in a large bow at the back. 'City Chic' also wears a cobblestone hued wool felt bolero jacket and brown wool felt structured beret with details of black embroidery and mocha colored silk ribbon roses. Brown and black suede Mary Janes, brown and back striped stockings. Includes 2" resin ginger cat Toots!
Edition 200

In Stock:  Riley with factory painting $265

Clancy City Chic

Clancy "City Chic" $195   $185
6" bent limb toddler, jointed vinyl (first seen as 'Olivia's dark haired 'Effie'). Blue eyes, blonde hair.  Her dress complements that of Riley's, consisting of a sleeveless bodice of black dotted tulle over off white cotton embellished with copper colored French knots and multilayered black and gold tulle skirt. Her final touches include a cobblestone bolero jacket with tulle trim.  Brown/cream striped tights and tiny copper colored shoes.
Edition of 200

Sold Out

"Big Sis" Piper
is 14" tall with hand painted blue eyes and a pale blonde mohair bob. Multi jointed vinyl. Outfit as shown. Sold Out
Little bro Peyton is 12" tall with hand painted blue eyes,a dark red mohair wig and freckles across his nose. Multi jointed vinyl.
Outfit as shown.
Baby sister Tatum "Gotta Dance" is just 8" tall, all vinyl with side glancing blue eyes and a pale mohair bob. Outfit as shown.
Spring 2013

Piper $360 $324 Sold Out
Peyton $285
(hand painting by Helen +$75)
Tatum $200 $180
(hand painting by Helen +$75)

In stock: Tatum with factory paint $180.  Tatum with hand paint blue eyes $255.  Peyton with hand painted blue eyes $331


Meet Ivy
Kish & Company's new 10" porcelain girl.
Ivy's demure knee length dress is made of Italian floral print cotton gauze in shades of rose and pale green and has princess lines and short puffed sleeves. Fourteen tiny, pale green/turquoise buttons dot the center front seamline. Ivy wears white pantyhose under a white cotton lace trimmed slip and old rose pink leather Mary Janes with a twist. Ivy has waist length auburn hair (mohair) held in place with a silk ribbon rose headband.

Ivy Eye Colors

Porcelain Ivy $375 $338
LE 70

In stock: Ivy with Honey Brown, Blue, Turquoise hand painted eye color.

Eye Color Option:


High Flying Raven

14" High Flying Raven $340
LE200 $289


Half Pipe Phoenix

14" Half Pipe Phoenix $340
LE150 $289



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