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17 Pants

#17 Pants MSD $9.99
A perfect compliment to Pattern #14 above.

43cm Narae and Resin Goodreau/Kid Dollmore. The #17 Pants also fit the Goodreau Julia, however the lower torso joint is visible above the top edge of the pants. I would recommend extending the rise a bit so that joint is covered by the top edge of the pants.
The second in a series of Easy Pieces patterns.



#18 Jump! $9.99
A custom fitted jumpsuit for 10" BJDs. Perfect for 28cm Leeke and 25cm DOllZone Baby dolls.


Jump!  Back view
The Poet

22. The Poet for 60cm & SD Luts boys $10.99
The Poet offers an inspiring beginning for genre-specific outfits within the strictures of goth (and all the gothic variants), pirate (from Alice and the Pirates to Jack Sparrow himself), punk (and punk derivatives), period and ethnic costumes, urban contemporary, and your own fanciful genre-bending interpretations. The pattern includes two shirt variations, pencil pants (two custom sizes, for AoD 60cm and SD Luts boys), and a waist cincher. The Poet is sure to set your imagination in flight!


The Cloak

#24 The Cloak for SD (58-62cm) $12.99
A  dramatically original interpretation of a Vampire Cloak, with Hooded Elf and Ruffled Collar variations. The yoked Cloak in two lengths is meticulously drafted to grace the shoulders of SD boys or girls with custom pattern elements for 70cm boys

Sold Out

#25 The Poet

#25 The Poet for 70cm boys $10.99
Two Shirts, Pencil Pants, and Waist Cincher
for 70 cm Dollzone  and other similar boys
The Model for this pattern is 70cm Dollzone Yuu




#26 Mod Halter Shift  $10.99
Seven SD and MSD sizes in one pattern, plus guidelines for altering the pattern for additional sculpts. All Goodreau girls are represented by the patterns or the guidelines.



#27 The Cloak for MSD  $12.59
A  dramatically original interpretation of a Vampire Cloak, with Hooded Elf and Ruffled Collar variations. The yoked Cloak in two lengths is meticulously drafted to grace the shoulders of MSD boys or girls. Includes vampire cloak also!



#29 Steampunk for SD  $11.99
Custom dress, overskirt, and crinoline for small bust Elfdoll/Rainy, Angel of Dream,  and similar  SD 1/3 scale  girls. This  pattern is open for  interpretation!
Your favorite genres, time-periods, characters, costumes…or pure flights of fancy. . .begin here!
*Copy at 75% for a perfect fit for AoD/DZ MSD girls


#31 Shorts Story $10.99
Cuffed Shorts and a Shirt in three custom sizes  for SD 1/3 scale Angel of Dream, LeDolls, CP Luts Delf,  and similar SD boys



#32 Hoodie NOW!  $9.59
Fifth in the series of Easy Pieces Patterns: A Cropped Hooded Jacket with cap sleeves in 3 sizes and Arm Warmers for SD 1/3 scale boys and girls


Silk Road

#33 Silk Road $11.99
Asian-inspired separates for
14” Kish Lark, MSD immature Bobobie Sprite, Peak's Woods Lady Bee and similar girls


Silk Road


#36 Straight A's $11.99
3 unique A-line dresses for the 14" articulated Kish, vinyl Goodreau MSD, and other slim torso MSD dolls.


Clarissa's Closet

#40 Clarissa's Closet $12.59
by Guess Artist Jozel Watson
The pattern includes: Sailor Dress, Princess Dress, Lilac Afternoon Dress, Simply Summer Dress and Shorty Bloomers.  Especially sized for the Goodreau ABC dolls.

Best Friends

#41 Best Friends $5.99
The pattern includes custom-size roomy rompers for 10.5" Creedy Toddlers and 8" Goodreau girls and boys. Very Easy!

#43 Bewitched, Tattered & Transported $11.99  
Enchanting garments for 27cm Planetdoll girls. Original designs and patterns by Charie Wilson and gracefaerie. Our Collaborative Pattern includes: Original design and pattern by Charie Wilson: Witches Hat, Dress, Pants, and Shirt with Halloween and Tattered Variations Original design and pattern by gracefaerie: Waif Dress for Romantic Reveries
Pattern #44

#44 Seasons for Seola $13.49
A Dress for Every Season. . . Custom-sized for the Dollstown Elf body. Five dresses are included in this pattern: Falling Leaves (Autumn) Lighting Candles (Winter) Gathering Violets (Spring and Spring Variation) Catching Sunbeams (Summer) Petticoat

#46 #46 Seasons for Estella (SD) $13.49
Custom-sized for the Dollstown 13 year body:  Height 60cm, Bust 22.5cm, Waist 18cm, Hips 26cm
Five dresses and a petticoat are included
In this pattern.
Pattern #47

#47 Rats $12.99
Custom-sized costumes for Dollstown 7 year, Dollstown Elf, and Dollstown 13 year girls, plus a special Ideas in Flight version for 43cm Planetdoll girls
Costumes include:
*A one piece dress featuring a corset bodice and attached tutu-style skirt.
The dress laces up the back with eyelets and ribbons.
*Thigh-high socks
*Lace choker
Combine this pattern with the #16, #19, and #21 Corsets to make this dress for many SD and MSD girls.


Truffles #48 Truffles Coat and Dress $12.99
Custom-sized Dress, Jacket, and Coat for Dollstown 7 year and similar immature MSD girls Sleeveless dress in Fall or Summer length. Hip length Jacket with graceful curved peplum. Boot lenth Coat with elegant bustle profile Jacket and Coat feature bi-color sleeves with applied trim or corded piping detail.


#51 Ginger $10.99
Custom sized for Kaye Wiggs
Annabella, Nyssa, Koneko, Miki, Layla, etc.
VERY EASY TO MAKE! The pattern includes four dresses layered over pull-on skinny pantelettes. Mix and match for your own unique interpretations!


Pattern #55 Pattern for Bleuette
#55 It’s Good To Be Tween $12.99
A contemporary look for an old fashioned girl!
Contemporary fashions for Ruby Red Galleria’s Bleuette (shown with the Charmette face plate. Custom face-up by Michele Hardy).

This pattern includes:
1. Space Case – A-line dress with long sleeves, closes in the back with snaps
2. Hoodie or Not – A-line dress with hood, long sleeves, and ruffle trimmed hemline, closes in the front with hooks and eyes
3. Swirly Q – Empire waist dress with long sleeves, flared skirt, and ruffle trimmed hemline, closes in the front with snaps
4. Birthday Girl – A-line dress with yoke seaming, long sleeves, and ruffle trimmed hemline, closes in the back with snaps
5. Flower Child Cap – Eight gore cap with visor
6. Leggings – Capri or Ankle length
7. Shorty Pants – Low rise panties – coordinate with the Swirly Q dress, or pair with the Tank Top or Turtleneck Top in the #53 Perfect 10 pattern
Pattern #57 #57 Team Hoodie Rocks On! $13.49 
Casual separates custom-sized for Kaye Wiggs’ MSD girls and designed to coordinate with #56 above (Team Hoodie Warms Up).
This pattern includes:
1. Tunic T-shirt – round neckline, 2 long sleeve options.
2. Tank T-shirt Dress  – deep scoop neckline, ruffle hemline.
3. Tank Top A – cropped length.
4. Tank Top B  – hip length.
5. Shorts A – pull-on, slim fit
6. Shorts B – pull-on, looser fit
7. Shorts C – pull-on, slightly looser fit and drawstring waistband
8. Pants A  – pull-on, slim fit
9. Pants B  – pull-on, looser fit
10. Pants C – pull-on, slightly looser fit and drawstring waistband
Pants A, B, and C can be cut in Capri or Ankle length
11. Skull Cap  – snug fit, shaped with darts, make it in 10 minutes
12. Short Socks  – crew length, worn scrunched
Count Me In

#59 Count Me In $12.99
Dress with empire bodice, long or short sleeves, and tiered or simple gathered skirt options.  Custom-sizing for Kaye Wiggs’ MSDs, Dollmore Alexia, Dollstown 7, 43cm Planetdoll, and 14 ”Kish Chrysalis girls
and Panties and capri-length pantaloons for Alexia.

This pattern coordinates with: #36 Straight A’s Pull-on Capris for MSD and Pull-on ankle-length Pants for Kish #37 Simply Summer Pull-on ankle or calf-length bloomer pants and pull-on shorty bloomers for Planetdoll and Kish #42 Planet Luxe Brimmed hat, Book Bag, Felt shoes. #51 Ginger Pull-on skinny pantelettes for Kaye Wiggs’ MSDs #52 Big News Newsboy Cap #56 Team Hoodie Warms Up Leggings in capri, cropped, and ankle length for Kaye Wiggs’ MSDs. #57 Team Hoodie Rocks On Skull cap, Pants (in several variations).
Count Me In

#60 Waterfall $12.99
An elegant ensemble custom-sized for Kaye Wiggs’ Nelly. The drafting model is Kaye Wiggs’ Faun Nelly with human legs.



This pattern includes:
1. Corset A: cropped corset that fits snuggly over her “skin”, closes in the back with
eyelets and ribbon
2. Corset B: slightly longer corset that fits smoothly over her gauzy peasant blouse, closes
in the back with eyelets and ribbon
3. Peasant Blouse: long sleeves, drawstring neckline, elastic waistline, closes in the back
with snaps
4. Waterfall Skirt: fitted yoke, elegant ruffle “waterfall” profile, closes on the side with
eyelets and ribbon. Drafted to fit perfectly over Nelly’s custom-sized Panties.
5. Complimentary Panties pattern.
Pattern 61

#61 Missing Pieces $11.49
Many of you asked to have the #60 Waterfall pattern re-drafted for Kaye Wiggs’ MSD girls. The #49 Corset for Nyssa pattern includes their custom-sized fitted corset, and the #58 Top This pattern includes their custom-sized peasant blouse, so the “missing pieces” were the waterfall skirt, the over the blouse-sized corset, and the panties.
Here you go!
#61 Missing Pieces: The waterfall Skirt, Over Blouse Corset, and complimentary Panties sized for Kaye's MSD girls.
You will need the #49 Corset for Nyssa and the
#58 Top This patterns to complete the Waterfall ensemble for Kaye’s MSD girls

This pattern includes:
1. Over Blouse Corset; drafted to fit smoothly over the #58 gauzy peasant blouse closes
in the back with eyelets and ribbon
2. Waterfall Skirt: fitted yoke, elegant ruffle “waterfall” profile, closes on the side with
eyelets and ribbon. Drafted to fit perfectly over the custom-sized Panties.
3. Complimentary Panties pattern.
Pattern 63

#63 Black and White and Lace All Over $13.49
Includes custom sizing for Kaye Wiggs' 45-46.5cm MSDs, Dollmore Alexia, 43cm Planetdoll, and 14" Kish Chrysalis girls. Guidelines for using the pattern for Doll Leaves small bust MSDs and 2007 resin Goodreau girls are also included. The sleeves are detachable, and the sleeve patterns can be combined with other MSD-sized bodices:) The pattern is very easy to make, and very easy to adjust for other dolls.


Sweetie Pie

#65 Sweetie Pie $12.99
Includes: Dress with round yoke, Peter Pan collar or lace trimmed neckline, and three sleeve options. Custom-sizing for Kaye Wiggs' 43cm and 45-46.5cm MSDs and others


This Pattern includes: 1. Dress with round yoke in two custom lengths for Kaye Wiggs' 43cm and 45 - 46.5cm girls 2. Peter Pan collar or lace trimmed neckline 3. Three sleeve options; two part long sleeve, very short sleeve with casing and elastic finish, and short sleeve with casing and elastic finish
Maurices Pieces

#66 Maurice's Pieces Little Morsel $6.99Raglan sleeve sweatshirt with long sleeves,
Custom-sizing for Kaye Wiggs' Maurice and Kaye Wiggs' 43cm and 45-46cm MSD girls


*The Pattern can be combined with Team Hoodie separates and many other Gracefaerie patterns as shown in pic on left!

#67 White $12.99
Dress with fitted bodice, simple or fanciful sleeve options, and a calf-length full skirt. Custom sized for Kaye Wiggs' 43cm and 45cm-46cm MSD girls and Lisa Greggs' 40.6cm Juliet



WHo Fits wHat?

1.  Goodreau Dolls ~ 2007 Resin

2. Ellowyn and Vinyl Goodreau

3.  Kish Chrysalis 14"

4.  Kaye Wiggs MSD


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