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Minifee Motion La Carte

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Unless an item is marked "In Stock", the item will be a preorder. 

When you "check out" you will be given 4 payment options:
1.  Full payment now.
2. 20% deposit now, the balance when the item(s) are ready to ship.
3. A 3 payment layaway (The total is divided into 3 equal payments. Each payment is due every 30 days).

4.  A 4 payment layaway (The total is divided into 4 equal payments. Each payment is due every 30 days).
Motion Line 
Basic Price Whole Doll:  $397
  Color: Natural or Beautiful White or TAN $50 (when available)
  Head Sculpt:  Choice of heads (below)
  Hands: #7
  Face Up:  $75.00
  Sleeping Head:  $45 no face up
                          or $120 with face up.

Skin Color:
Head Sculpt:
Face Up:
Sleeping Head:
  In Stock: Iru, TAN skin, no face up, no sleeping head $447.
Niella, TAN skin, no face up, no sleeping head $447.

Body Choice
Head Sculpt Choice
Minifee Sculpts

Please Note:  Default eye size for Mir and Mika is 12mm. Head circumference for Mir and Mika is 17.2cm, smaller than average MiniFee head circumference. Mir and Mika are identical sculpts but have different default makeup style. Please choose the head with the makeup that you prefer if makeup option is selected.

Please note that Mir/Mika and Risse heads are NOT compatible with Fairyline body which are smaller than regular sized MNF heads.

Sculpt names with ^ indicates that particular head has inserted magnets for various external magnetic parts. Existing non-magnet MiniFee heads will undergo a magnet inserting operation in due time and when the change takes place, the sculpt name will be indicated with ^. There may be a chance that the actual doll without ^ mark will come with inserted magnets as production of heads with magnets will start immediately once the magnet inserting operation finishes. Thank you for understanding.
Hand Choice

Minifee Sizes

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