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LittleFee Parts

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LittleFee TAN Hands In Stock $26
In Stock:  #1



LittleFee Hands

LittleFee Hands $23
Beautiful white or natural or Tan $3 (when available)
In Stock: Natural ~ #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7
Skin Color:



Sizes Little Fee

Quick information on LittleFée
- LittleFée have magnets in wrist & hand, ankle & foot and in head similar to pukipuki. 
   Additionally, there are magnets in back for wing attachment.
- Three heads: Pipi, Piki and LittleFée original head, will be available in the first releases.
  (Currently there are no definite plans to have other heads from Puki/MiniFee/FeePle
  made as LittleFee heads.)
- Two body types (girl and boy) are available. Both bodies share same measurements and
  differ only at the pelvis part.

- They will take a size 14mm eye.

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