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FairyLine Parts

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Unless an item is marked "In Stock", the item will be a preorder. 

FairyLine is approximately 40cm tall as our current doll lines MNF and Chic Line but constructed differently. The new Advanced Easy Change System (AECS) allows interchange of arms and bust piece without the use of magnetic system. For this reason, Fairy Line will be sold under a separate category [Fairy Line]. Interchange of parts between Chic Line is NOT possible but Fairy Line is compatible with MNF and can share MNF sized wig, hands, feet, shoes, head and other accessory parts. 

Centaur Body

Fairyline Centaur Body $820
Skin Color:
Beautiful White, Natural. Tan +$80
FairyLine Centaur Body *This Centaur Body is body type from Sircca Package. **Please note that the Centaur Body in pictures have been painted for effect and actual product will not come painted. ***Centaur Parts available for sale separately has been created especially to allow hybrid with both FairyLine girl and boy bodies.
In Stock: Centaur body, white skin $820

Skin Color:

Altis Faun Basic

Fairyline Faun Body $317

This Faun Body is body type from Altis Package.
Faun Body is ONLY compatible with FairyLine Boy and is NOT compatible with FairyLine Girl.
TAN skin only

Faun Pelvis

Faun Pelvis Part for Fairyline Girl $65
Skin Colors: Natural, Beautiful White. Gray/Violet +$5
Specially designed pelvis parts to hybrid FairyLine Faun legs with FairyLine Girl upper body. * Does not include Faun tail. * Please take into consideration before purchase that hybrid combination requires high level of assembly skill.

Skin Color:


Please Read before Purchase
Pastel Mint colour of seahorse lower part is different from mint colour of body skin. Tail and fin of pastel skin seahorse lower body part is clear resin. Same wig shown on photograph will be sent out unless there are unforeseen circumstances. Wig may need to be styled by the owner. Only default makeup shown on official photograph can be applied. Custom makeup not available. There may be slight difference in color or details of the actual product to the photograph. Thank you for your understanding. Actual product may differ from the photographs. Doll skin, makeup and product color may appear different depending on viewer's monitor condition.


- Order modification and/or cancellation is NOT accepted after payment has been confirmed. Please ensure
  that your order has been placed correctly prior to making payment.
- There may be small air bubbles, uneven coloring (eg. green, yellow or white areas), raised seam lines, and
   rough surfaces due to the characteristics of tanned skin resin. Refund/exchange due to such reasons is 
   not possible.
- Tanned skin resin undergoes faster color change more than other skin tones and it may occur within short
  time frame.
- Customization/modification of tanned skin dolls is not recommended. We ask you to make your purchase
  only if you fully understand the characteristics of tanned skin resin dolls and all the problems listed above
  may happen.

* Warnings when purchasing Clear Resin Parts

- Clear Skin resin may contain air bubbles and undergo faster yellowing and weaker than regular resin. Please handle with care when handling clear resin.

- Removing seam lines of Clear Skin parts reduces clarity of the resin. For this reason, seam lines will remain intact and only most minimal necessary measures will be applied to reduce sharpness to prevent injuries. Thank you for understanding.

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