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2017 Halloween Event Release

September 22 ~ November 1, 2017


~Please choose your gift (1 gift per qualifying order) at the same time you place the qualifying order!~
Order gift at the bottom of this page.
Event Details

Customers are eligible to receive following gifts in Natural or Beautiful White skin:


**Please choose your gift (1 gift per qualifying order) at the same time you place the qualifying order!**
Order Gift Below

Gift A

Choose Gift:
A. $400 or above: LittleFee Faceplate(NS or BW)


Gift B

Choose Gift:
B1. $600 or above: MiniFee Head(NS or BW) OR B2. MiniFee Head with Engraving(NS or BW)

Gift C

Choose Gift:
C1. $800 or above: FeePle60 Head(NS or BW) OR C2. FeePle60 Head with Engraving(NS or BW)


Gift D

Choose Gift:
D. $1,500 or above: 3 items from A + (B1 or B2) + (C1 or C2)



Tan Skin-----------------------------------------------------------------

Tan Skin Option will be available during 2017 Halloween Event Period for: 
Feeple65 : Basic and option parts ONLY**
Feeple60 : Moe Basic and option parts ONLY**

FairyLine : Full Option, Full Package and Basic ONLY
MiniFee : A La Carte (Active and Moe line) and option parts ONLY
LittleFee : A La Carte and option parts ONLY 
PukiFee : Basic, Full Package and option parts ONLY

RealFee :  Basic, Full Package and Option parts ONLY 

Realpuki : Basic and option parts ONLY
Pukipuki : Basic and option parts ONLY

*Adding option parts will delay order processing time by 10 ~ 15 business days on average.
** Choice of Feeple65 basic sculpts are limited to Angela, Chloe Elf, Ital, Rho, Siean Elf and Roke only.
*** Choice of Feeple60 Moe basic sculpts are limited to Rin, Celine, Mirwen, Cygne and Chloe only. 

Opening and Closing Lines----------------------------------------------

* Processing of following doll lines will temporarily halt during Fantasy Art Line Release Event Period:

In order to maintain quality of our dolls and to minimise shipping delays,
FairyLine60, Chic Line and LittleFee Baby and all relevant optional parts of these lines are NOT available for order
and will be listed as 'sold out' during event period.

Chosen event gift MUST be included together in the order cart to receive it.  
You will NOT receive event gift if your order does not contain eligible event gift(s). 



- Order modification and/or cancellation is NOT accepted after payment has been confirmed. Please ensure that your order has been placed correctly prior to making payment.
- There may be small air bubbles, uneven coloring (eg. green, yellow or white areas), raised seam lines, and rough surfaces due to the characterstics of tanned skin resin. Refund/exchange due to such reasons is not possible.
- Tanned skin resin undergoes faster color change than other skin tones and it may occur within short time frame.
- Customization/modification of tanned skin dolls is not recommended. We ask you to make your purchase only if you fully understand the characteristics of tanned skin resin dolls and that problems listed above may happen.

Approximate Processing time: 60 days (70 days for Tan Skin option)


Thank you for visiting our web site.  If you have any questions or comments please email us at info@denverdoll.com or call 303-733-6339