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Dollmore Youth Doll Girl
1. Tall : 57cm
2. Circumference of head: 22.7cm
3. Circumference of chest : 23.5cm
4. Circumference of waist : 17cm
5. Circumference of hips : 24.5cm
6. Circumference of wrist : 5cm
7. Length of arm:  18cm
8. Length of Foot size : 6.5cm
9.  Eye size:  16mm
10. Wig size: 8/9


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Youth Eve Mio

Youth Dollmore Eve - Mio $450.45
no make-up head, assembled normal body (teeth part + two flat feet parts)
- 16mm Acryl Eyes (random),
- white petticoat, cushion, box, COA.
Make Up: $50
Body Blush: $60
Blush Hands & Feet: $30
Sanding: $60

Basic Make Up:
Body Blush:


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