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My Self Eyes

How To...
1. Decide what material you will use for the eyes.  For example, you can use acrylic paint, fingernail polish, paper, fabric, glitter, etc. to make beautifu eyes.  Use any tiny items that can be placed in the eye cavity.
2. Put your paint or item in the middle of the white area, around the iris.
3. Press iris cover piece on the eye
4. Complete

1. This is a hand made product, therefore, it can have little scratches in this item, seeking your understanding~
2. This method is easier than the method of normal eyes.

My Self Eyes

My Self Eyes (1 pair)
16mm with pupil $7
16mm no pupil $7
(out of stock)
12mm with pupil $5

12mm no pupil $5





My Self Eyes





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