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Mokashura Doll
Body Size
Height: 40.5cm (16")
Head : 32cm (13-14" wig)
Eyes : 28mm
Neck : 10cm
Bust : 19cm
Shoulders : 7cm
Waist :18.5cm
Hip : 25.3cm
Foot : 6.4cm (width 2.8cm)
From shoulders to fingertip : 16cm
From waist to foot : 21.5cm
From hips to foot : 17cm 

Clothing coming!

* Who is Mokashura Doll?
Mokashura Doll is one of the most precious baby doll after Trinity and Lusion doll.
The name of Mokashura comes from Gaelic language 'Mocuishle' with similar pronunciation and meaning of
" my love, my flesh and blood "
Hope your love for our precious Mokashura Doll Duyou, a sister of Dahlia~

* What is Baby Skin Normal ?
Dollmore develops very transparency skin tone which is made of special resin.
It has similar transparency sense like french resin doll but it contains much anti UV agent
which will much reduce the yellowing speed  than normal resin doll.
This transparency skin type can be produced by Dollmore only and it fits well to
this cute and shiney Mokashura Doll.
This skin type only used for high quality doll only. 

* What is Normal Skin?
This is the usual resin for other dolls. It includes expensive anti UV agent to reduce
yellowing speed.  This doll is more economical than " baby skin normal" doll and
it is the good choice who wants to save money.

* Included
1. Head & body ( no make up & assembled body)
2. Glass Eyes ( 28mm, color random)
3. Wig (13-14" random)
4. Warranty
5. Box
6. 2 Cushions 

Don't see what you want here?  Contact us for your special requests: Dollmore at DDE

*Unless a doll is marked "In Stock", it will be a preorder.



Mokashura- Baby Skin Normal Duyou  $568 
Make Up: $50
Body Blush: $60
Sanding: $60

Make Up:
Body Blush:
Hands Feet Blush:



Duyou Normal skin

Mokashura- Normal Skin Duyou  $398
Make Up: $50
Body Blush: $60
Sanding: $60

Make Up:
Body Blush:
Hands Feet Blush:


* Mokashura doll has special easy parts.
This parts is very useful when you wear clothes set with narrow sleeve for arms and pants
It is very cute and the using method is as following photo

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