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Judith Doll
Body Size
Tall : 44.5cm/17.5 inches
Body length not include a head : 39.2cm/15.4 inches
Length from hip to knee : 11.5cm/4.5inches
Length from knee to calf : 12cm/4.7 inches
Circumference of neck : 6.1cm /2.4 inches
Width of shoulders : 12cm /4.7 inches
Circumference of chest : 19.8cm / 7.8 inches
Circumference of waist : 12.8cm / 5 inches
Circumference of hips : 19.5cm /7.67 inches
Circumference of Wrist : 4.7cm / 1.85 inches
Length from shoulder to wrist include a wrist ball : 13.5cm / 5.3 inches
Circumference of ankle : 6cm / 2.4 inches
Length from hip to Heel : 25cm / 9.8 inches
Length of Foot size : 5.8cm  /2.3 inches 

Compatible SIZE
7-8inch sized wig and MSD sized shoes fit well.
Loose fitting MSD sized clothes fit well.

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Judith Girl LE10
Bride of the Monster Heizle $386

* Included: Heizle head( Make-up), Judith doll body, Eyes, Wig, Clothes Set, Shoes, Box, 2 Cushioins,  COA

* Clothes: Dress, inner dress, arm decoration, neck decoration, veil, 2 head decoration, panty, stockings
* Eyes: 12mm Classic Flat Back Oval Glass Eyes (CC03)
* Wig : (7-8) Cleopatra Long Wig (Black)
* Shoes : MSD(high heels)Shoes - Basic Shoes (Red)  




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