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Catish Girl Doll - Reaa Size
1. Tall : 44.5cm
2. Body length not include a head : 39.2cm
3. Length from hip to knee : 11.5cm
4. Length from knee to calf : 12cm
5. Circumference of neck : 6.1cm
6. Width of shoulders : 6cm
7. Circumference of bust : 19.8cm
8. Circumference of waist : 12.8cm
9. Circumference of hips : 19.5cm
10. Circumference of Wrist : 4.7cm
11. Length from shoulder to wrist includes a wrist ball : 13.5cm
12. Circumference of ankle : 6cm
13. Length from hip to Heel : 25cm
14. Length of Foot size : 5.8cm

* Compatible SIZE
- wig : 7-8 inches MSD sized wig (but It needs a separate custom work due to her ear part)
- shoes : MSD sized shoes
- clothes : MSD sized clothes


 Catish Siamese Fluxus

Catish Siamese Fluxus Dreaming Reaa $360
LE 10
Includes:  -
Reaa head in normal skin (make up), body (vampire hands/heel feet), glass eyes, wig, clothes set, box, 2 cushions, warranty
Clothes set : Top, Pants, Head decoration, Stockings
Eyes: Flat back Oval Glass 14mm (HM01)
Wig : (7-8) RRG Sobazu Cat Wig (Wine)
Shoes: MSD (high heels) Shoes - Basic Shoes (Enamel Mint)
In Stock!




Kaleidoscopically Dreaming Reaa

Catish Kaleidoscopically Dreaming Reaa $360
LE 20

Includes:  - Reaa normal head (make up), Judith doll normal body, acrylic eyes, wig, clothes set, box, 2 cushions, warranty.
Clothes Set: dress, corset, underskirt, neck accessory, wrist accessory, underpants, stockings.
Eyes: Life Like Acrylic 14mm (G14LD08)
Wig : (7-8) RRG Sobazu Cat Wig (Orange)
Shoes: MSD (high heels) Shoes - Basic Shoes (Pink)

* Notice: Hair accessory will not ship together. It is for fitting purpose to take photo only. 
Wig in the photo will ship without braiding. We braid hair for fitting purpose only.
In Stock!



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