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Below are some of our favorite face up artists.  You can email them directly to inquiry about a face up for your doll.

Rainy Day Repaints
by John Maglio

Robbin Atwell
email: Robbin
View Robbin's lovely face ups here: Robbin With 2 B's

 Currently, I only paint and make clothing for female dolls.  I’m located in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Robbin Atwell

Laurie Lenz ANGELS Doll Studio
email: Laurie

I've been a doll repaint artist since 2006 and I also design OOAK wigs, clothing and jewelry.

Laurie Lenz Angels

Jay B. Searle
email: Jay

Designs in makeup for your doll. Specializing in resin ball-joined dolls. You can visit Jay's website here:
Jay's Petite Salon

J. Searle Designs

Tiffany Severin
email: Tiffany

Custom face ups for your favorite ball-joined dolls

Face Ups by Tiffany Severin

Meloncholy Kitties
email: Kat

Melancholy Kitties offers several Esthetics services ~ from face ups to tattoos to body blushing!

Meloncholy Kitties

Shallow Sleep Aesthetics
email:  Hana

Artist located in US
"Known for being extremely versatile when it comes to face-ups. Willing to take on just about any idea the customer may have in mind. Open to all styles -- Natural, Dark, Fantasy, Colorful, and more. Including
piercings, tattoo work, scarring, and body aesthetics.

See her work here:

Shallow Sleep

Karen Kay Portrait Repaints
email: Karen Kay

Realism with an Artistic Flair!



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