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Stella Preorder is Open until May 10!
Stella is a super cute, disproportionate sweetheart with an oversized head and eyes, with 18 points of articulation. She is 16" (40cm) and is a ton of fun to paint, dress and photograph! She comes in Desert Sand skin with peachy undertones and a hint of translucency. Includes: Stella by CreamSoda BJD, Random color glass eyes, Padded satin doll bag, Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist. Artist made outfit & natural fur wig if you have chosen the fullset option
Doll Options:
Blank doll – $595.00, Faceup doll – $665.00, Fullset doll – $895 (3 options: Style A – Tea dyed top, short bloomers and socks. Style B -Tea dyed one piece pocketed play pants and socks. Style C -Tea dyed dress with short bloomers and socks. Please note: laces and trims may differ slightly. Shoes are not included.
Additional Options:
Hand blushing with french manicure and body blushing – $40, Joint sueding in neck, hips and shoulders – $25 (both options are included in the fullset)
**Rhonda will be painting each face up similar to the pictures. You have the face option WITH freckles (as shown), a FEW freckles or NO freckles. Also with full set or hand and body blushing, you have the option of freckles added to the body.

Body Freckles:
Face Freckles:
Stella Stella Measurements:
Shoulder to crotch 5″/13cm
Leg length (crotch to floor) 7″/17.5cm
Bust 4.75″/12cm
Shoulder to shoulder 3″/7.5cm
Waist 4.75″/12cm
Hips 7″/17.5cm

Additional Information:
Stella is wig size 11 and eyes 22mm or 24mm.
She can wear a lot of YoSD clothes except pants with legs will be too short. A YoSD dress will fit Stella like a long top and looks great with a pair of tights or pants. She also wears YoSD shoes but can also stand in slim MSD shoes.


Lily (YoSD size)
Lily A
Lily A.

Lily B
Lily B.

Lily C
Lily C.

In stock and ready to ship (or you can put her on layaway):

A. All original, One Of A Kind Lily, Caramel skin, pink w/brown dots outfit, shoes, wig, face up (no freckles), no painted panties, no blush. $560 SOLD
B. All original, One Of A Kind Lily, Winter Blush skin, pink w/lime dots outfit, shoes, wig, face up with freckles, painted panties, blush $560. SOLD
C. Blank Lily, caramel skin, no painting $435

Lily’s Measurements:
Height:  10"  (26cm)
Head: 6.5"  (16cm)
Shoulder to wrist: 3.25" (8.5cm)
Inseam: 3.75"  (9.5cm)
Chest: 5.25"  (13cm)
Waist: 4.5"  (11.5cm)
Hips around bum: 6.5" (16.5cm)
Foot:  1.5" x .75"  (3.8cm x 1.8cm)
Wig: 6-7
Eyes: 14mm or 12mm  


Jazz outfit $40
YoSD size

Includes:  Dress and stockings




Fungus Amongus

Fungus Amongus outfit $40
YoSD size

Includes:  Dress (has mushroom applique) and stockings


Fungus Amongus

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