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The Twins
*Pictured with big sister Stella (not included)

Blank doll – $455.00
Fullset doll – $695.00

Ethan and Ethel are the same sculpt and painted the same. They can be changed from boy to girl by changing wigs and clothes.
The twins are 25cm tall or 10 inches and will fit most factory YoSD shoes, they wear an 8-9 inch wig and have 18mm eyes. The twins will be cast in my custom “Winter Blush” resin, a beautiful light skin with peachy undertones.

Ethan Fullset includes–Jacket, matching shorts, t shirt, socks and handmade shoes. 18mm handmade acrylic eyes as shown, natural wool wig cut by Stella.

Ethel Fullset includes- Dress, bloomers, socks, handmade shoes, natural fur wig in braids with matching bows. Handmade acrylic eyes as shown.

All dolls come with COA and padded satin doll bag and grey acrylic eyes made by the artist as shown.
In Stock: Full Set Ethan with freckles $695. Blank Ethan $455. Blank Ethel $455.

Stella 2

Stella 2
doll  –  $645.00
Artist Faceup
doll – $715.00
Artist Faceup doll + body blush and MANI – $755.00
Fullset doll – $945 (with either Seashore or Sandal wig, both unstyled mohair)
WITH freckles or NO freckles.  
Stella will be cast in my custom “Winter Blush” resin,
a beautiful light skin with peachy undertones.

Includes: 41cm Stella by CreamSoda BJD with oversized head and 18 points of articulation, Random color acrylic eyes, Padded satin doll bag, Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist, Artist made outfit and natural fur wig if you have chosen the fullset option.

Since the original Stella, I have added locks to each side of her upper body joint giving her even more posing options as well as adding a larger upper knee lock for extra stability.

In Stock: Stella2, blank $645.





Stella is a super cute, disproportionate sweetheart with an oversized head and eyes, with 18 points of articulation. She is 16" (40cm) and is a ton of fun to paint, dress and photograph! She comes in Desert Sand skin with peachy undertones and a hint of translucency. Includes: Stella by CreamSoda BJD, Random color glass eyes, Padded satin doll bag, Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist. Artist made outfit & natural fur wig if you have chosen the fullset option
Doll Options:
Blank doll – $595.00, Faceup doll – $665.00, Fullset doll – $895 (3 options: Style A – Tea dyed top, short bloomers and socks. Style B -Tea dyed one piece pocketed play pants and socks. Style C -Tea dyed dress with short bloomers and socks. Please note: laces and trims may differ slightly. Shoes are not included.
Additional Options:
Hand blushing with french manicure and body blushing – $40, Joint sueding in neck, hips and shoulders – $25 (both options are included in the fullset)
**Rhonda will be painting each face up similar to the pictures. You have the face option WITH freckles (as shown), a FEW freckles or NO freckles. Also with full set or hand and body blushing, you have the option of freckles added to the body.

Sold Out

Stella Stella Measurements:
Shoulder to crotch 5″/13cm
Leg length (crotch to floor) 7″/17.5cm
Bust 4.75″/12cm
Shoulder to shoulder 3″/7.5cm
Waist 4.75″/12cm
Hips 7″/17.5cm

Additional Information:
Stella is wig size 11 and eyes 22mm or 24mm.
She can wear a lot of YoSD clothes except pants with legs will be too short. A YoSD dress will fit Stella like a long top and looks great with a pair of tights or pants. She also wears YoSD shoes but can also stand in slim MSD shoes.


Jazz outfit $40
YoSD size

Includes:  Dress and stockings




Fungus Amongus

Fungus Amongus outfit $40
YoSD size

Includes:  Dress (has mushroom applique) and stockings


Fungus Amongus

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