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FAQ ~ Frequently

Asked Questions

Please read through the following most commonly asked questions about ordering a doll.  If you don't find the answer to your question here, just email us at info@denverdoll.com

1.  Q:  How long will I have to wait to receive the BJD I just ordered?
     A:  This is the most commonly asked question we get.  Here are the facts:
When we order dolls from the various Korean/Chinese companies, the best we can do is estimate a shipping time. Due to the fluctuating volume of orders these companies get each month, it is impossible to know exactly how long it will take to produce the dolls and get them shipped to us. Most of the BJD companies are very small and BJDs are mostly made by hand. It is impossible for us to notify every customer with an update when we hardly get any information from the companies as it is. And if they spent all their time notifying us of changes, they would never have time to complete our orders!

When we give you an estimate of how long it should take to get your doll in, it is based on the time frame of past orders that we have received over the last few months. This is not an exact science. Most manufacturers ship to us about 8-12 weeks from the time we place the order with them.  However, some take as long as 16-24 weeks.  These manufacturers do the best they can to get our orders shipped promptly.  I can tell you that once we have the dolls in hands, we ship within 24 hours of receiving final payment.

If you preorder a doll with us, your doll is placed on our "Need to Order" list when at least a deposit received.  When we have met the minimum requirements of that manufacturer, we place our order with them (usually once or twice a month with each manufacturer).  We do not wait until you have your doll paid in full to place the order for your doll.   

2.  Q.  How does your layaway work?
     A. We are very happy to offer our great customers an easy layaway payment plan as a courtesy.  However....if you choose to abuse our layaway parameters (consistent late payments, declined credit card payments, ignoring Paypal invoices, cancellations, etc.), we reserve the right to refuse to offer you the option of using our layaway program. In most cases, a cap of $1500 total is the limit on layaways at any one time by an individual. 

You have 6 options for making payment.  (You choose your option on the "check out " page of our online order form).  These are your choices: 
     1.  Payment in full when you place the order.
     2.   Deposit (20% approximately) when the order is placed and the balance due when
          the item is ready to ship to you.  Unless you tell us differently, we will
          automatically charge the balance when the item comes in and is
          ready to ship to you.

     3.  3 month layaway (we divide the total into 3 equal payments, each due approximately
          30 days apart. Minimum purchase of $75.)
          If you are paying by credit card, we automatically charge each payment on the
          due date.  If you are paying by Paypal, we will automatically send a Paypal
          invoice on the payment due date.
     4.  4 month layaway (we divide the total into 4 equal payments, each due approximately
          30 days apart. Minimum of $100 purchase.)
          If you are paying by credit card, we automatically charge each payment on the
          due date.  If you are paying by Paypal, we will automatically send a Paypal 
          invoice on the payment due date.)
  5. Check or Money Order.  We will send you the total after we process your order and you can  
          send check or money order for the payment.
      6. Gift Card.  If you have a DDE gift card, do not choose "Pay with Gift Card".  Instead choose           "Payment Method" and using the pull down menu, then choose "If you have a DDE Gift
          card please write the number from the back of the card in the 'comments box'.

We can also make special arrangements for you on large orders.  Just contact us before placing your order.  Payments can always be made before the due date and your order can be paid off early anytime you desire.  If you want to divide the total into 2 payments, we can do that too.  Just email us or write in the comments box on the order form that you prefer 2 paymments. 

3.  Q.  What happens if I cancel my layaway or preorder?
A.  Preorders and layaways are considered final sales.  You make a deposit, we hold the merchandise or order the merchandise specifically for you and we pay in full for it.  If you cancel your preorder or layaway, you will lose all money already paid. NO EXCEPTIONS
4. Q.  What happens if I forget to make a layaway payment?
    A.  We take the worry of forgetting a payment off your shoulders.  If you have an item on layaway with us, we will automatically charge your credit card each month on the due date or send a Paypal invoice on the due date.  If the Paypal invoice isn't paid within a week, we will send you a reminder.  If there is no response after 15 days, we will considered the transaction null and void and cancel your layaway or preorder.  You will forfeit any money already paid.

5.  Q.  What if I order something and decide I don't like the color or style?  Can I return it?
     A. RETURNS for full refund are offered for damaged merchandise only.  We will accept exchanges or will issue a store credit for other items returned within 15 days of purchase for the amount of the item less shipping charges plus you pay for the item's return. We must receive the item in new condition.
FINAL SALE - NO RETURN applies to ALL layaways or preorders. NO EXCEPTIONS.

6.  Q.  Will it speed things along if I call or email every week requesting a status update?
   A.  We do understand that you very anxious to get your order and have put down a deposit or paid in full for it.  Waiting isn't easy.  Believe me, we get excited about shipments arriving too!  However, we get no updates from the manufacturers until the shipment is packed and ready to be sent to us.  So there really are no updates until this time.
7.  Q.  How do I know that you got my order?
    A.  You will receive a confirmation of your order via email within a few minutes of successfully submitting an order.  We will also send you a receipt in the mail if you preorder or layaway an order. If you order something that is in stock, we will get back to you either with a note in your Paypal invoice (if you chose that payment method) or with an email (if you specified a credit card for payment) giving you the status (that everything is in stock or what is out of stock) and the shipping charges.
8.  Q.  How will I know when my item has shipped?
     A. If we have your correct email address (please double check it when you submit your order), our shipping service will automatically send you an email that your order is on the way. 
9.  Q.  What if I have a question about my order?
     A.  Email us with your full name (the name that was used when you placed the order) and what it is that you ordered.  All orders are filed under your last name.   We will get back to you as soon as possible.
10.  Q.  I placed my order late on Saturday afternoon....it's now Sunday and I still haven't heard back.  What's the deal?
      A.  We close the shop at 4pm on Saturday afternoon and do not reopen until 10am on Monday.  No orders are processed or email answered on Sunday.  We are usually very busy on Mondays but we get to the orders in the order they were placed. The shop is officially closed on Mondays, we are only there doing orders/shipping and cannot answer the phone.  We will get all weekend orders processed ASAP!
11.  Q.  Will I get my doll faster if I order it without face up?
      A.  It will take the same amount of time.  Your "no face up" doll may be ready faster but the whole shipment is sent together with all the dolls with face ups.  They all arrive at the same time.
12. Q.  Are all items on the web site in stock?
     A.  No...that would be impossible to manage.  I usually mark what is in stock with a red notation "in stock" by the item.   Or I will make a note at the top of a page "all items are in stock unless noted".  I also attempt to keep the web site updated daily but I do sometimes forget to mark an item as "sold out" or it sells out before I get a chance to update the web site.  Please bear with us....we try. 
13. Q.  On international packages, will you under value the package and mark them as a gift?
     A.  No, we must declare orders as "merchandise" with full value for Customs.  Anything less is illegal.  Please do not ask us to devalue or mark items as "gift".  All international orders are shipped insured for your safety.
14. Q.  What does "Auto payment" mean?
     A.  When you set up a layaway, we automatically charge your credit card or send a Paypal invoice each month on the payment due date. 
14. Q.  What if my doll box is damaged in shipping?
     A.  We cannot be responsible for boxes damaged in shipping.  Dings, bends, scratches, water damage...these are all things that are out of our control.  If it's raining the day your package is delivered or if your box falls out of the delivery truck and the corner of the box gets dented...this is not our fault.  As long as the merchandise inside the box is undamaged, we can do nothing. 
15. Q.  What if the doll head I order doesn't match the body I already have? Or if the doll hands I just ordered doesn't match the doll I've had for 6 months? Is this considered a defect or damaged merchandise?
     A.  No. Let me be perfectly clear on this point.... We do not guarantee a resin color match between different manufacturers' dolls. Nor do we guarantee the resin will match on dolls ordered from the same manufacturer several month apart. There are dye lot differences in resin just like in fabrics. This is something we have no control over and are not responsible for.
16. Q.  Will my BJD face up look exactly like the photo of the doll on the web site?
     A.  No. Each doll is hand painted. The artists are very professional, talented and experienced but the face up cannot be exactly duplicated. This is something we have no control over and are not responsible for.
17. Q.  What if I move before my preorder ships....how do I notify you of a change of address?
     A.  Please email or call us with your name (or the name on the order), a brief description of what you have on order, and the new address and date the new address takes effect. We always go by what's provided on the "ship to" and do not deviate unless instructed by the customer, even if your Paypal payment says differently or that the return address on your last check was different.  You need to specifically tell us that you have a new address.
18. Q.  What is the shipping charge for say....a pair of $5.00 eyes?
     A.  Minimum shipping is $3.00.  This is for a small padded envelope weighing an ounce or less. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this important information.  We appreciate that you are considering placing an order with us!

Thank you for visiting our web site.  If you have any questions or comments please email us at info@denverdoll.com or call 303-733-6339