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Winter 2017 Event

Event Ended



Please order event gift at the same time you place the qualifying order.
Only 1 event gift per qualifying purchase!
Aimerai Purchase
Totaling at Least:
Receive Gift:

Get a $15 Cash Coupon to be used on any Aimerai product. Good for 6 months from date of issue.




A. Get 1 set of blank Cat Paws & Cat Ears (value $38).
Add make up $9

B. Get 1 pair of blank Oz Series Shoes (value over $30)




A. Get 1 blank 1/3 size Scarlett Head (value $115)
White, Pink or Normal Skin

B. Get 1 blank Big Baby Weedy or Penelope Head (value $88)
White or Pink skin

C. Get 1 set of Oz Series Clothes (value over $80)




A. Get 1 My Little Milk Rola with make up (value $148)
Add Tan skin $12. Add Full Set $76

B. Get 1 blank 1/3 size Scarlett Head PLUS Glinda or Scraps Costume (value $230)
White, Pink or Normal Skin

C. Get $149 Cash Coupon




A. Get 1 blank 30cm (1/6 size) Cream or Jelly (value $253)
White or Pink Skin
Add Make Up $60. Add Full Set $180

B. Get 1 blank Big Baby size Stardust (value $299)
Pale Puce Skin
Add Make Up $70. Add Full Set $219

C. Get a $229 Cast Coupon


Boy Doll Measurements:
- Height (w/ head): 60.5cm
- Height (w/o head): 54.5cm
- Head Circ: 21.5cm
- Eyes: 16mm
- Neck Circ: 10cm
- Shoulder Width: 13.5cm
- Arm Length: 19cm
- Chest Circ: 23.5cm
- Waist Circ: 19.5cm
- Hip Circ: 25.5cm
- Thigh Circ: 14.7cm
- Leg Length: 34cm
- Foot Length: 7.5cm
- Foot Width: 3cm
Girl Doll Measurements:
- Height (w/ head): 57cm
- Height (w/o head): 51cm
- Head Circ: 21.5cm
- Eyes: 14mm
- Neck Circ: 8.5cm
- Shoulder Width: 12cm
- Arm Length: 17cm
- Chest Circ: 22cm
- Waist Circ: 17cm
- Hip Circ: 24cm
- Thigh Circ: 13.5cm
- Leg Length: 32cm
- Foot Length: 7cm
- Foot Width: 2.5cm

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